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TKBVOICE is a shared community space hosted by the TKBVOICE Community Partnership to generate ideas and action to improve the area for the future in partnership with local people. 

The TKBVOICE Community Partnership is a voluntary, non-statutory body powered by TKBVoice Volunteers. It was formed at the end of March 2022 following a grass roots community campaign to encourage local people to express an interest in joining the partnership. It expanded in May 2022, following the local elections, to include 4 statutory members. Like the founding members, they were selected through an expression of interest process. 

The Community Partnership is not a talking shop, nor a political platform, it is a space where positive change and action happens with the support of local people.


The TKBVOICE Community Partnership wants to empower all members of the community to share their views, and provide ideas and potential solutions to support Towyn & Kinmel Bay’s future direction. It’s your place!






The Partnership’s initial role was to identify, agree and address community priorities through a Community Place Plan developed through a process of engagement and consultation with local people and visitors to the area. 


Moving forward,  our ambition is to ensure the Community Place Plan translates ideas into solutions and takes action that produces tangible community benefit for Towyn and Kinmel Bay.

The Community Connections Project enabled the formation of the Partnership, and the community engagement to support the development of the Place Plan.  Funding came from the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund with a financial contribution from Towyn and Kinmel Bay Town and Community Council.   


We are grateful for this support enabling our formation and giving us a plan to build on and develop with local people. 

 TKBVOICE is a community led movement to shape and improve the area now and for future generations.  Let's shape the future of Towyn and Kinmel Bay together! 

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Our Vision

We want to develop the place we call home sustainably for future generations, making it the very best we can by pooling resources around our shared vision and energising other stakeholders to invest in Towyn & Kinmel Bay’s future with us

Our Mission

Shaping the future of Towyn & Kinmel Bay Together

  • Giving people a voice in shaping our shared future

  • Engaging and listening to residents, including children and young people

  • Welcoming and listening to visitors and holiday makers who share the place we call home

  • Developing a place plan for Towyn & Kinmel Bay

  • Acting on great ideas

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What We Do

The Community Partnership meets every month to discuss ideas, develop the Place Plan and the actions that flow from this. These meetings are open to the public and the dates of meetings are listed under events. 

We also host community events to support our activities and promote these through our socials and website. We love to partner with, attend and support other community activities in the area. 

You can find out about the events we've been involved in by visiting the events page. You can also share your events with us and we will promote these.      

We publish a Weekly Update sent direct to people who have joined the TKBVOICE Community and subscribed to our mailing list.  We also publish views and news through our blog and images to our gallery. We welcome content from others and see TKBVOICE as a community space and publishing platform for the area.

The TKBVOICE video collection is on our YouTube channel.  

Let's Make A Change in TKB

Here are some ways you can raise your voice today

In Person

Volunteer with us to help with the TKBVOICE project


Share your views and ideas with us here on the site or via our socials

Over the Phone

Contact us by phone if you need to talk about TKB

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