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Community Partnership Oversubscribed

We are delighted to report that a total of 25 expressions of interest have been received from 20 people who have stepped up specifically to express an interest in being considered for one or more categories of the TKBVOICE Community Partnership.

This a great result and shows the extent to which our community campaign has caught people’s imagination and the energy and appetite for making positive change in TKB.

Thank you!

The other headlines are:

TKBVOICE’s Community category has been most popular! We received 15 expressions of interest for the Community category for just 3 places which means we had 5 times more expressions of interests than places.

Helen Wilkinson, of Wilkinson Bytes Consultancy, and TKBVOICE’s Community Consultancy said:

“This is a sign of just how passionate people in TKB are about the place they live, and how they want to work with others to help make it better. The decision making panel has quite a job to decide who to choose. If you don’t get chosen please don’t take it personally and don’t let it to put you off getting involved with TKBVOICE. This is the start of an exciting journey and as the Partnership forms, one of its first tasks will be to consider ways of mobilising people’s skills, energy and commitment in the area. So if you were not successful stand ready to be asked to get involved in some other way!”

The Business category attracts almost three times more interest than actual places

We received 8 expressions of interest for the business category for 3 places – this means we had just less than 3 times more expression of interest than places.

Helen said:

“The business members will play a lead role in engaging the broader business community in Towyn & Kinmel Bay so just because you did not get chosen, or are not yet involved it does not mean that we will not be seeking to engage local businesses further. We will!”
Young People of TKB we need you!

The Community Partnership has guaranteed two places to young people aged 18-25.

Despite our best efforts to reach out to young people in the short window we had to engage, our young person’s category was sadly under-subscribed in this category. ☹ The good news is that we did have one expression of interest and that talented young man who applied has a guaranteed place. (Can the young man please keep his identity under wraps for now!).

We are still looking for a talented young woman to step up and join and will be re-advertising this opportunity once we have given a bit more thought to ways we can reach young people. Ideas here are welcome!

All in all this was a great community campaign, and we thank everyone for the time taken in putting in your expression of interest.

We hope to publicly announce the members on Monday 28th March in the Weekly Update.

The first meeting of the Community Partnership is at 17:30-1900 on the 31st March at the Community Resource Centre.

The meetings are open to the public being mindful of our need to maintain social distancing and public health protocols.

Our website will also be launched that evening!
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