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The Sunday Read

Poem - Ode to TKB - By local poet: Carl Butler


TKB it's a community

Towyn and Kinmel Bay folk come to see

The latest news and activities

These are not just 'talking heads.'

Whilst skeptics may cry credulity

This forum is a great opportunity

To promote your cause, in unity

This will stand us all in good stead.

Local businesses engaging happily

With honesty and integrity


Where the latest news Is spread.

The voice of change carries on the breeze

It ripples across the rolling seas

This message isn't bottled, it's for all to see

At TKB your voice is heard.


Carl Butler is local to Towyn and Kinmel Bay and a poet. His book of poetry, My Black Swan Calling is published by Elizabeth River press and edited by Amanda Jayne Benton. The book is available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle download and can be ordered from most bookshops. You can find his poetry page on Facebook,

If you would like to contribute a poem, photos or an interesting blog post to the TKB Blog, then we'd love to hear from you. Please contact Helen:

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