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Postcards With Purpose

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Our #LoveTKB postcards are explicitly designed to inspire the positivity that flows when you are on holiday. Whilst the idea for our #LoveTKB community campaign has its roots in the past – drawing on the traditional photo montage postcard emblematic of seaside towns – it is also very much focussed on the future and raising the profile of TKB, sandwiched as it is between two towns, Rhyl and Pensarn/Abergele, which have perhaps had more attention.

TKBVOICE Towyn & Kinmel Bay

Our postcards with a purpose are much more than a community campaign, or profile raising initiative.

What you write on them is directly informing our community consultation process and the report we are writing with your participation. It’s a form of crowd sourcing as your feedback will directly inform our intelligence gathering and help develop the direction of our place plan.

We already have some snapshot results thanks to people dropping our postcards off at the Community Resource Centre, one of several community information hubs in and around the area.

Like a poll taking the temperature or pulse of the community, they give us some early insights from people living in Kinmel Bay.

Here’s a taster.

Tell us what you love about TKB
  • Local amenities

  • A pleasant place to be

  • A very pleasant location as we have access to the coastal path and also semi rural

  • We love that Kinmel Bay is a separate identity from Towyn and should be recognised as such (long time resident of Kinmel Bay)

  • Best play park for miles! (library)

  • The beach and that this week and that this winter they’ve cleared the sand on the prom

  • The daffodils in St Asaph

  • The skate park

  • Socialising, walking, gardening, football, cricket, listening to music

How can we make it better?
  • Address litter problem

  • Improve the fence over the bridge

  • Widen and extend path through Clywd Park

  • Volume of traffic (especially St Asaph Ave)

  • Make more use of ready made footpaths and their history - e.g track bed of the Rhyl-Denbigh line and also the line originally to Kinmel camp and its Great War Connection

  • Putting a sign to say people are entering Kinmel Bay from the Towyn direction and putting the Towyn sign back where it should be!

  • Put signs up – ‘Do not feed the gulls' – I was attacked twice last year and my head was bleeding

  • Dog poo bins on the bridge path side of St Asaph Ave

  • Need another bin in the playpark (library end)

This snapshot poll of residents in Kinmel Bay shows that people take real pride in the place; can clearly identify the things they love, and also have realistic, practical and constructive suggestions for how it could be improved. There are some easy quick wins in this list, like signage, and telling the story – history - of the place.

If you haven’t yet filled in your postcard then please do so and drop off in one of the Community Information points in and around Towyn & Kinmel Bay. A TKBVOICE poster, postcards and leaflets, and brightly decorated TKBVOICE mailboxes are round and about. Drop your postcard in or if you see a postcard in a venue then jot down your thoughts and pop it in the mailbox.

Our next blog about postcards with a purpose will focus on early feedback from locals in Towyn.

And then it’s over to you. Please fill in our online #LoveTKB postcard and we will republish your comments (anonymously), as the comments come in.

If you have much more to say than a postcard will allow then please come and share your views, and join the conversation on Friday 1st and 2nd April at the four locations where the TKBVOICE Team will be popping up.

The deadline for submitting your postcards to the Community Information Points is April 15th so we can start to analyse the feedback.

You can fill in the online postcard until April 25th.

Once we gather your views, these will help shape the report we are collectively writing, will guide discussions at meetings of the Community Partnership and we will go back out to consult with you in May with our Place Plan Report.

Your postcard with a purpose will shape the future of Town & Kinmel Bay for the better.
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