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Community Tools & Resources

Our website is designed to be a community resource for people living in Towyn & Kinmel Bay and a platform to show visitors, holiday makers and investors what a great place TKB is.

It has been put together with breakneck speed and it has a number of features which are supporting our TKBVOICE Community Connections project and is also designed to be a resource for sharing and publishing community based content and a space to encourage community involvement.

So here’s a quick whistlestop tour...


Our gallery showcases the beautiful places and spaces that make up Towyn & Kinmel Bay, and the people that bring it to life. You will see that we are already featuring the photos of some great photographers who live in and around Towyn & Kinmel Bay and visit it for its breathtaking beauty. If you have a great photo that you want to share to be published on our gallery, click on the Views & News page and send it via the Share your Stories element and we will add it to the gallery and share across social media.


#LoveTKB Postcards

Our #LoveTKB postcards that have been shared with all households in Towyn & Kinmel Bay thanks to local people who volunteered and distributed them along with the flyer about our project are now available here on the website, and can be completed online for the duration of our community engagement.

The deadline for submitting content that will directly inform the place planning process is April 25 to give the consultants time to collate all the views and build them into the draft plan.

However our postcards with purpose will remain open for use after this date for everyone as we recognise that ideas may come after this date and we want to continue the conversation and also highlight the great things about the area.

Create Streets

We are also proud to be using a digital application, Create Streets, which is being used for the first time here in Wales.

You can literally say specific things about specific streets in Towyn & Kinmel Bay making comments, on the application. Again, this invaluable feedback will be used to inform the place plan we develop through your participation. The interactive map is intuitive and easy to use, and can be found here.

The window for making your comments is 18 April so please do use it! This data will inform the place planning process.


We have a blog on the site and our site launches with some content and stories to inspire interest and provoke discussion. This blog is also for you. So if you have a story to tell about the place you live in, visit or enjoy holidays in then please share your story via the Views & News page and you may just see yourself in print!

The blog is also available for local voluntary groups and businesses in Towyn & Kinmel Bay to promote their activities and tell us what you are up to.

This community resource is only as good as we make it together. So please use it and we will publish your views and news and share on social media or highlight in our monthly round up TKBVOICE Connects.


Community Toolkit

This is the resource centre for TKBVOICE and includes some key content and resources for all to use.

It gives you details about the place plan process and what to expect, and it also includes information about the members of our Community Partnership. Councillors representing Towyn & Kinmel Bay Town Council and Conwy County Council will join following the elections in May.

It also includes TKBVOICE visual assets, logos, images and posters to download. If you want to use these to show your support then please do.

We'll be adding to this resource between now and the end of June and we're also happy to receive content and suggestions for other useful resources.

This Community Toolkit is to support us all as we work together to make TKB the best place it can be and develop a shared vision and plan of action together.

So please use it, and do share your ideas and content with us.



We also have an events calendar which features meetings and events that TKBVOICE has planned for the duration of the project.

We would like to draw your attention to the three digital skills workshops we are hosting in April, and the second consultation event in May.

Over time, we may add more events as they arise and if you have an event that you'd like to share, then let us know by using Views & News page and we will add it to the events calendar.

The Union & The Dragon

You might notice a flag on the top right hand corner of the site. The flag represents the language. If you click on the Welsh flag, you should get a Welsh version of our site.

We are really proud to be simultaneously launching a bilingual site. Cymru Am Byth!

Get Involved

As you can see there are lots of getting involved involved with this exciting community initiative from sharing your views and news online and face to face.

You can fill out the volunteer form on the Get Involved page site letting us know the skills you have and the time you have to get involved. And if you are a voluntary group, charity, social enterprise or local business (small or large) and you have an idea of how we might be able to work together then do let us know using the contact us page.

Support to develop your digital skills and community training

We know that not everyone is at ease with technology. So we are hosting digital skills workshops in April to support people to use the online engagement tools. You can see the details for these on the events page.

Join the TKBVOICE Community

Join our community to be kept informed and to receive the latest news direct to your inbox.

Find out about members of the Community Partnership and find out more about us here.

If you like what you see, and you want to be involved, subscribe on the website and join us

We hope you enjoy sharing your views and being a participant in TKBVOICE!

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